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Building Sustainable Homes

Building Your Sustainable Home

Creating an energy-efficient and sustainably-focused home or commercial building takes skill, experience and a firm grasp of modern technologies. At Somerset, we have experience building net-zero homes that leverage innovative materials today for long-term solutions that help you save money – and the planet – tomorrow.

Principles of eco-friendly project planning

We take a holistic approach to building to make sure your home is smartly made. We follow the four principles of high-performance building construction:

Comfortable: From heat pumps to insulation innovations, we make sure you experience continuous temperature with no drafts. This makes sure your family remains comfortable in all seasons, while giving your home an energy-efficient boost.

Healthy: Keeping the air you breathe clean, healthy and flowing means a properly ventilated house that reduces energy loss. Careful window and door selection, precise installation techniques, as well as materials and systems that prevent mold create a flourishing environment for your loved ones.

Durable: Low-maintenance materials help keep your property looking as good as new, while recommendations on products that won’t rot or wear help you feel safe and sound. Protecting your investment with high-quality products mean less waste and less stress.

Efficient: Energy-saving and energy-creating solutions help reduce your carbon footprint and make your day-to-day more renewable. Uncovering new ways to reduce your bills and improve the way you care for the earth are built into our green solutions.

Our attention to detail, your long-term satisfaction:

  • Insulation and wall assembly strategies
  • Thermal bridging elimination
  • Mechanical and ventilation systems
  • Humidity monitors
  • High-performance windows and doors
  • Roof pitch design to optimize solar energy
  • and more

Discover our expertise and solutions and how you can put sustainability as the foundation of your new build goals.

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